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Reckless, dangerous and radical. Tea Party Republicans have made Congress its most toxic and extreme in modern history, betraying American families.

Stopping the Tea Party Republican takeover of the Senate is the top priority in 2014. Defeating these five extremists is the key.

That's why CREDO SuperPAC is mobilizing a progressive grassroots voter contact effort in these five states to hold the line and Save the Senate.


Recent Updates

  • National
  • 11.05.14

While others wasted millions, we found a model that works

Now Republicans control not just the House but also the Senate. President Obama can no longer credibly suggest that there is a bipartisan path to progress. Click here to read the list of 10 things President Obama needs to do immediately — and 10 things that aren’t likely to happen if we don’t make him do it.

  • Kentucky
  • 09.23.14

Update from Kentucky

CREDO SuperPAC’s Kentucky team just finished a spectacular week: 22,822 calls in just one week.

We recently opened a second office in Lexington and are building out a major statewide effort to Ditch Mitch.

Check out these stats to get a sense for the scale of our campaign in Kentucky:

  • National
  • 08.01.14

CREDO SuperPAC campaign update memo, 8/1/14

Saving the Senate from a takeover by Tea Party Republican extremists is the #1 priority this November. CREDO SuperPAC is the only major progressive organization opening independent campaign field offices to do volunteer, person-to-person voter mobilization in the five key states of Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, Kentucky and Georgia.

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